How is Frozen Yogurt made?

Frozen Yogurt is ready to be enjoyed in all our formats!

The idea

The idea behind our Frozen Yogurt was born in the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol, a region in northern Italy surrounded by Dolomites. Our goal was to offer a frozen dessert alternative that was delicious as ice cream, but light as yogurt. Thanks to Frozen Yogurt it was possible to enclose the top quality and authenticity of milk and yogurt from South Tyrol in an innovative product on the Italian market. It’s creaminess and full rounded taste come from the fresh ingredients, its unique taste will conquer you at first bite.

Difference between Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream

As the name says, traditional ice cream is usually made with cream and egg yolks, while the main ingredients in our Frozen Yogurt are only fresh milk and Yogurt from South Tyrol in a very high percentage: 75% on the total of the mass. For this reason it contains a lower amount of calories and fat, as well as more proteins than an ice cream. Nonetheless its creaminess and taste have nothing to envy compared to traditional ice cream.