Find out more about Yogurteria® Frozen Yogurt, the only Italian Frozen Yogurt made with 75% fresh yogurt and milk from South Tyrol!
We choose only the best ingredients, no powders and no GMOs to offer you all the freshness and authenticity of mountain yogurt, in a totally new way to enjoy it! Yogurteria┬« Frozen Yogurt is rich in live and active yogurt cultures and it is also lactose-free, to be enjoyed by everyone, whatever their age. It’s unique and unmistakable flavour, given by its fresh ingredients, it’s the proof that a frozen treat can be scrumptious, but also light, to respect your natural well-being!

It’s not like traditional ice cream, but its creaminess and irresistible taste will conquer you at first bite, try it to believe it!

Light as yogurt, tasty as ice cream!

With less than 81 kcal per portion and 2,5% fat ( values for Natural flavour, for suggested serving of 55g), our Frozen Yogurt is a nutritious and easily digestible product. Ideal as ice cream, dessert or for a quick guilt-free snack. Let its many scrumptious flavours conquer you. You can find our Frozen Yogurt in 250g tub and on a stick!