Your questions

+What is Frozen Yogurt?
Frozen yogurt is the light alternative to traditional ice cream. Born in the USA , it arrived in Italy a few decades ago as soft serve to go. Now with Yogurteri®, Frozen Yogurt is available in many Italian supermarkets so that everyone can enjoy it however they want, whenever they want.
+What's the best way to enjoy it?
For a perfect moment of pleasure, our Frozen Yogurt should thaw for a bit to soften up before being served. Trust us, the wait is totally worth it! And to make it even more scrumptious why not pairing it with fresh strawberries or serve a scoop of our Natural Frozen Yogurt covered by espresso coffee for a tasty "Affogato".
+Who can enjoy it?
Our Frozen Yogurt is truly perfect for everyone, kids and grownups, since it contains as much calcium and important vitamins as fresh yogurt. Moreover, the milk used to produce it is pasteurized, therefore safe also for pregnant women.
+Is Frozen Yogurt suitable for people with food intolerances?
All our products are lactose free, and the majority are also gluten free. You can find the exact allergens information next to the nutrition information table of each product.
+How can there be live yogurt cultures if it is a frozen product?
One of the unique characteristics of Yogurteria Merano Frozen Yogurt is the presence of live and active yogurt cultures Lactobacillus bulgaricus e Streptococcus thermophilis.
These are able to survive the freezing process without altering the health benefits. They simply enter in dormant state during freezing, returning to an active state when they come in contact with body heat after ingestion.
+ In which area of the supermarket will I find Frozen Yogurt
If you are not familiar with the term, Frozen Yogurt can be enjoyed as an ice cream. For this reason you will find it in the Frozen sector of supermarkets. But don't forget that our Frozen Yogurt is just as light and nutritional as chilled yogurt, thanks to the freshness of its ingredients. Aside from offering refreshment, this way of enjoying yogurt lasts much longer, so that you can keep a stack for longer, so it's always there when you need it. Basically the best of both worlds!
+Where can I buy it?
Please contact us using the contact form under CONTACTS, we will be glad to reply both to consumers and potential distributors.
+Where is South Tyrol?
South Tyrol, Italy also known as Südtirol or Alto Adige is a beautiful area in the north-east of Italy, surrendered by the breathtaking Dolomites mountains. In its luscious green valleys and slopes, many traditional family farms still raise cows with maximal attention to animal welfare. The animals are free to roam for the majority of the year, grazing on grass and flowers, and fed with hay in winter. The average number of cows per farm is 15 and they each have a name. Milk is collected everyday and transported to closeby dairy production cooperative, to ensure absolute freshness. Moreover the entire production chain from feed to processing is guaranteed GMO-free.